15 Popular Cowboy Beard & Mustache Styles

If you’re looking for a unique, masculine style for your next cowboy costume party, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at 15 popular beard and mustache styles that will help you stand out from the crowd. From simple to stylish, there’s a style for everyone in this roundup. So whether you want to go traditional or go all out, we have the perfect style for you. Just make sure to pick the right outfit and accessories to complete the look.

The 5 Best Cowboy Beards

The 5 Best Cowboy Beards

If you’re looking for a rugged and masculine appearance, a cowboy beard is the perfect choice. With its bushy growth and mustache, this style will complement any outfit or facial hair. Here are the five best cowboy beards:

1. The Full Beard: This beard is characterized by a full, dense growth of hair on your face. It can be styled into a traditional mustache or go completely untamed and free.

2. The Goatee: A goatee is similar to a beard in that it is long, but it differs in that the hair is trimmed shorter on the cheeks and chin area. It gives the bearded man a more distinguished look and slightly cooler persona.

3. The Stubble Beard: This type of beard grows in patches where there was once none, resulting in an untamed appearance with lots of character and movement.

4. The Mutton Chops Beard: This style is most popular among those who want something between a stubble beard and full beard; mutton chops can be anywhere from 0-2 inches in length with plenty of stubble left around the edges for texture (and because they’re hard to shave).

5. The Chin Strap Beard: Also known as the “Texas Cowboy,” this beard features longer sideburns that meet at the bottom of your chin to form a strap-like shape. It’s neatly trimmed along the sides

The Best Mustaches for Men

Looking for the perfect mustache style for your manly look? Whether you’re a vintage cowboy or just want to add some extra character to your facial features, there are plenty of mustache styles out there that will suit your needs. Here are five of the best mustaches for men:

The Rugged Ridgeback: This style is perfect if you want a rugged and authentic look. It starts with a thick, full beard, and then you must shave the sides and bottom of your face clean, leaving only a ridge of hair on top of your cheeks. The ridge should be about an inch wide and slightly curved inward. You can then style this type of mustache in a variety of ways, including with Stubble Beard Oil or moustache wax.

The Handlebar Mustache: This is another classic cowboy mustache style that looks great on any man. It starts with neatly trimmed whiskers on the upper lip, and then you must grow the rest of your beard out into a handlebar-style mustache. The ends should be pointed outward slightly, and the mustache should be about two inches wide at its widest point. You can style it with Stubble Beard Oil or moustache wax to give it that desired level of hold.

The Chalupa Mustache: Named after Mexico’s popular dish (think tacos filled with beef or chicken), this mustache is perfect if you want something unique and memorable. To create it, start by growing a full beard

How to Grow a Cowboy Beard

Growing a cowboy beard is a popular style that can be achieved with a little bit of effort. If you have the right tools and resources, growing a beard can be fun and rewarding.

First, you’ll need some supplies:beard oil, a comb, scissors, and a Razor.

Beard oil will help condition your beard and keep it from becoming dry and brittle. A comb will help shape your beard into the desired shape, while scissors will be used to trim any excess hair. Finally, use a razor to shave off any unwanted whiskers.

Once you have all of your supplies ready, it’s time to get started! Start by dividing your hair into manageable sections and starting at the base of your neck where it meets your chest. Start combing your hair forward so that the bristles are against your skin and start shaving away at the hair follicles. Be sure to take care not to nick or cut yourself in the process! Once you’ve shaved down as close to the scalp as possible, use scissors to tidy up any stray hairs around your face. Finish up by spraying some beard oil on your head and neck (or using an applicator bottle), giving everything a good coating before letting it sit for few minutes for maximum absorption.

How to Maintain a Cowboy Beard

There are a few pointers that will help keep your cowboy beard looking its best. To start, always use a beard oil or balm to keep the hair conditioned and healthy-looking. Secondly, make sure you trim the beard on a regular basis. This will ensure it stays in line and looks neat. Finally, be sure to style it as desired- with a bandanna, hat, or just left natural.

The Different Types of Cowboy Beards

There are many different types of cowboy beards, each with its own unique flair. From clean-shaven to full beard, there is definitely a beard style that will fit your personality.

The most common type of cowboy beard is the clean-shaven look. This style is popular for men who want a more modern look and who want to avoid looking too rough or rugged. To create this look, you will need to start by shaving off all of your hair except for a small mustache and goatee. You can either use a standard razor or an electric shaver, depending on how close you want your beard to be shave.

Another popular type of cowboy beard is the goatee. Goatees can be made in many different styles and lengths, so they are perfect for men who want something more customised than the standard clean-shaven look. To create a goatee, first shave off all of your hair on the sides of your face but leave a small amount of hair on top of your head. Then, use an electric shaver or standard razor to trim the hair on top down to around 1/4 inch wide. Finally, round off the end of the goatee with a scissors or a Razor Blade Sharpener.

If you prefer something closer to a traditional cowboy look, then you should consider growing a full beard. Full beards can take several weeks or even months to grow properly, so make sure

The Different Types of Mustaches

There are a few different types of mustaches, but the most popular is the goatee. A goatee is a mustache that starts at the base of your chin and grows upwards. It can be simple or complex, but it’s typically pretty symmetrical.

Another popular type of mustache is the bristled beard. This style features long, bristly hairs on your cheeks and upper lip that give you a rough appearance. They’re perfect for guys who want to look rugged and intimidating.

And last but not least, we have the muttonchop beard. This beard features long, unkempt hairs on top that are twisted into a knotty form. It gives you an almost wild appearance and is perfect for guys who are looking to show some personality in their facial hair choice.

How to Style a Cowboy Beard and Mustache

There are many different styles for a cowboy beard and mustache. Popular styles include the handlebar, full beard, goatee, and sideburns. Here are some tips on styling these facial hair styles:

Handlebar Mustache: The handlebar mustache is a classic look for a cowboy. To style it, start by shaping your whiskers using an electric trimmer. Make sure the length is long enough to cover the upper lip but not so long that it becomes obtrusive. Then, use a stiff brush to create the illusion of height and texture by brushing inwards from the corners of your mouth towards your nose. Finish off the look by applying a light layer of wax or hairspray to hold in place.

Full Beard: For a full beard, start by trimming your beard down to about an inch or two in length. Then, use an electric shaver to createdefined edges around your face. Finally, apply any styling products you choose (waxes, hairsprays) and enjoy your new look!

Goatee: A goatee is another popular style for a cowboy beard. To get started, shape your whiskers using an electric trimmer and then shave them into shape using a sharp blade. Apply any styling product you like (waxes, hairsprays) and enjoy the new look!

Sideburns: For sideburns, start by shaping them with an electric trimmer before shaving them


cowboy beards and mustaches can add a little bit of spice to any outfit. They are versatile, timeless, and most importantly, stylish. When choosing the right style for you, remember to keep in mind your facial features and personal preferences. Once you have found your go-to style, make sure to take care of it by maintaining it properly with beard oil and mustache wax.

What is a cowboy mustache called?

A cowboy mustache is typically called a “stovepipe” because it is shaped like the pipes used to smoke tobacco in the 1800s. The style can be conservative or more extreme, with a long, bushy tail that hangs down below the lip. It can be either shaved on the sides or left natural.

Are mustaches in Style 2022?

Throughout the years, there has been a trend of people growing mustaches and beards. For some, it is a symbol of rebellion or an individual’s personality. And for others, it may simply be a fashion statement. No matter what your reasoning, there are many styles that you can choose from when growing a mustache or beard.

For gentlemen who are looking to break away from the traditional clean-shaven look, the go-to mustache style might be the full beard. This beard style is popular because it looks rugged and masculine. If you want to add a bit of sophistication to your look, consider sporting a well-groomed mustache and beard combo. For those who like to keep things simple and clean-cut, the goatee might be a better option for you. With its stylish lines and trim appearance, this beard style is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Of course, no discussion on mustaches and beards would be complete without mentioning the hipster mustache. This popular style features a neatly trimmed upper lip with an angular shape that gives it a ‘70s rock star vibe. If you’re looking for something truly unique, try sporting an asymmetrical mustache made up of two different styles – one shaved on top and another grown inwards towards your mouth.

There are countless ways to wear mustaches and beards so don’t worry if you don’t have any

What is the most popular mustache style?

There are a few popular mustache styles out there, but the one that seems to be most popular right now is the beard and mustache combo. Whether it’s called a lumberjack, ski bum, or Pancho Villa, guys seem to love this style. There are a few different ways to go about getting this look, but the most basic way is to just shave your facial hair off completely and then grow it back in. You can also get a beard trim once or twice a year to keep it looking sharp. If you’re not feeling too adventurous, there are plenty of styles out there that will let you dress up or down your look. For example, you can go for a clean-shaven look with some neatly trimmed whiskers, or go all out and grow an epic beard. The choice is yours!

What is the most attractive beard style?

There are many different beard styles that men can choose from, and the most popular Cowboy beard style is definitely the busiest. This style consists of a full face of facial hair, which can be styled into a mustache or goatee. The mustaches in particular can be very stylish and eye-catching, and they can add some extra edge to any look.

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