70 Coolest Short Beard Styles For Men

If you’re looking for a new look that will set you apart from the rest, then a short beard might be the answer. And if that beard is on your face, you might as well style it to perfection. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the coolest short beard styles for men and show you how to put them together. Whether you want a clean-cut look or something more rugged, we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Step up your facial game today with some of these cool short beard styles!

What is a Short Beard?

There are a few different types of short beard styles for men, but the two most popular are the goatee and the mustache. A goatee is basically a longer beard that starts at the chin and slopes down to the bottom of the mouth. A mustache is basically a strip of hair that extends from below your lip to just above your nose. Both of these beard styles can be stylish and edgy, or they can be more traditional and conservative. You can also try out different combinations of these two styles to find what works best for you.

Types of Beard Shaves

There are a few different types of beard shaves that can be done to get the perfect look for you. The three most common types are the scissors, the electric razor, and the wet shave.
The scissors shave is done with regular old fashioned scissors. You start by clipping your hair close to the skin then pulling the blades across your face in a cutting motion. This is probably the most common type of shave and is recommended for beginners.
The electric razor is a popular option because it gives you more control over how close or far you cut your beard. They come in both manual and automatic versions, and many people find them more comfortable than scissors because they don’t have to exert as much pressure.
The wet shave involves using water instead of blades to remove your beard. You wet your face then massage it into a foam pad that has been soaked in shaving cream or gel. You then use a shaving brush to apply pressure and let the blade do its job. This method is considered more gentle than other types of shaves and can give you a closer shave than an electric razor.

How to Grow a Short Beard

Beard growth can be slow and steady, or it can take some serious effort to achieve a short beard that looks good. If you’re aiming for a clean-shaven look, growing a beard will only make the process more difficult.

1. Start with a Clean-Shaven Face
The first step in growing a beard is to start with a clean-shaven face. This will help the Beard hair grow evenly and in the correct direction. If your facial hair is too long, it will interfere with Beard growth and cause unevenness and poor texture.

2. Use a Shave Cream or Soap
After you’ve cleaned your face, use an appropriate shave cream or soap to minimize irritation and promote Beard growth. Avoid using harsh shaves or any products that contain alcohol as they can dry out the skin around your Beard area and cause dandruff.

3. Grow an Even Amount of Hair on Your Face
The next step is to grow an even amount of Beard hair on your face. This will require daily care and regular grooming habits. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin regularly so that the Beard doesn’t become dry and brittle. And never cut your Beard too short – leaving too much hair on your face will result in patchiness and poor texture

The Best Short Beard Styles for Men

Looking for a hip and stylish short beard style for men? You’re in luck! Here are the best short beard styles for men that will have you looking sharp.

The Military Cut: This is a popular short beard style that is simple, but stylish. The military cut consists of a clean shave with a short stubble on top. This style is versatile and can be dressed up or down. For a more formal look, try shaving close to the scalp and wear a high-quality comb over hairstyle to complete the look.

The Slick Back: If you’re looking for something versatile and easy to maintain, opt for the slick back short beard style. To create this look, simply shave your chin and cheeks smooth, leaving some medium length stubble on top. This style is perfect if you want something professional but not too formal. You can also rock this look by styling your hair in a messy bun or using some light scents to add some personality to your appearance.

The Mutton Chops: If you want something traditional but edgy, try sporting mutton chopsShort Beard Styles For Men publication photography blogShortBeardStylesForMencomstyle 23short haircutmale haircutstylesmenshairstyles cool Latest trends in mens haircuts


If you’re thinking about growing a beard, but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at this list of the 70 coolest short beard styles for men. From ultra-modern to traditional, these beards will have you looking sharp and confident in no time. Which style is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Are beards still cool 2022?

When you think of cool, what comes to mind? For some people, it might be a sleek and stylish haircut. For others, it could be a cool car or a killer smile. But for many bearded men out there, the coolest thing is definitely a beard!

In fact, according to a recent study by style website GQ magazine, beards are now considered one of the coolest hairstyles around. And while there’s no set rule on how long or thick your beard should be, there are plenty of great short beard styles that can make you look like a hot commodity (or just downright fashionable).

Here are five of the hottest short beard styles for men in 2022:

The Muttonchop: This rugged look is perfect for guys who like to stay outdoorsy and ruggedly masculine. The Muttonchop starts with neatly trimmed facial hair on top, but then grows out into a big and bushy beard down below. It’s not too heavy or dense, so you still look clean-cut and sharp.

The Goatee: The goatee is another popular short beard style for men because it gives you that classic yet edgy looks that define masculinity. What separates the Goatee from other traditional beard styles is that it’s trimmed shorter towards the chin area instead of full length like with the Muttonchop. This gives you a more modern looking edge while still looking extremely masculine.

The Fauxhawk:

What is the most attractive length for a beard?

There is no one definitive answer when it comes to the most attractive length for a beard, as there are many different styles and preferences out there. However, if you’re looking for something on the shorter side, a beard that is around two or three inches in length is generally considered to be more stylish and attractive.

What is the hottest beard style?

There are a number of different cool short beard styles for men out there, so it’s hard to decide on just one! The most popular style right now is the goatee. This beard style looks like you’ve been whisked away from ancient Greece and onto a beach somewhere in the Mediterranean. If the goatee isn’t your thing, then you might want to consider a Mohawk or full beard. Both of these styles will give you an edge when it comes to looking sharp and sophisticated. For a more laid back look, try growing out a stubble beard. This type of beard is perfect for guys who want something that looks natural and easy to maintain. No matter what style you choose, make sure to keep your facial hair well groomed so that it looks its best.

Do beards look good on older guys?

If you’re over 30, and your beard is starting to grow out, there are a few special short beard styles that you might want to try. There’s the clean-shaven style, the soul patch style, and the goatee style. Here are three of the coolest short beard styles for men over 30:

The Clean-Shaven Style
This is probably the most common beard style for older men. It looks great if you have a strong jawline and a clean complexion. Just be sure not to overdo it – too much shaving can make your face look scraggly and unkempt.

The Soul Patch Style
Another good beard style for older men is the soul patch style. This looks best if you have a round or square face shape. Just shave around your soul patch area until it’s completely hairless. You can also add some texture by trimming some of your mustache or beard into a shorter length on top.

The Goatee Style
If you want something a little more unique, try the goatee style. This beard looks best on guys with angular facial features like noses or chins. Shave everything except for a small triangle at the corner of your mouth (known as a “goatee peak”). For extra styling tips, check out this guide on how to create the perfect goatee.

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