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Beards are back in style, and there’s no reason to not embrace the trend. In fact, a well-groomed beard can make you look handsome and dashing. However, if you don’t have the right beard design tips, you may end up looking like a member of the Taliban instead. In this blog post, we’ll list 70 of the smartest beard design ideas to help you look handsome and shaggy all at the same time. From simple styles to more experimental approaches, there’s something for everyone. Let these tips help you get started on creating the perfect beard for your own unique style.

What is a Beard?

There is no one correct way to grow a beard, as every man’s facial hair needs are different. That said, there are some popular beard design ideas that will make you look handsome. Here are the smartest beard design ideas to look handsome:

1. Try a five- or seven-day stubble look. This style features medium-length hair that is mostly clean-shaven but has a few patches of growth here and there. It’s classic but can be updated with different styles and colors.

2. Go for the full beard look. This style includes long, full facial hair on your cheeks and temples. It can be styled into any style you want (moustache, goatee, full beard), and it looks imposing and powerful.

3. Add some vigor to your look with a goatee or moustache combo. Both of these designs require some serious grooming skills, but they offer an effective way to add some edge to your facial hair while still looking clean and modern.

4. Get creative with sideburns and Mustaches! These two styles can be difficult to perfect but offer unique possibilities for personalization and expression that can really set your face apart from the rest. Experiment with different shapes, styles, and colors until you find something that looks good on you!

Types of Beards

There are two types of beards- standard and full. A standard beard is shorter and less dense than a full beard. It is often considered more stylish and mature. A full beard is typically longer, coarser and denser. It can give you a more rugged look. Whether you go with the standard or the full option, there are some smart design ideas to help make your beard look handsome.

1) Keep it clean- Keeping your beard clean will keep it looking its best. Make sure to trim it regularly so that it isn’t too long or too short. If your beard is starting to show signs of wear and tear, consider getting it groomed professionally.

2) Match the style- If you have a round face, go for a round beard style. If you have an angular face, go for an angular or outlining style of beard. Find something that flatters your facial features and looks professional no matter what type of facial hair you have.

3) Use grooming products- Adding some grooming products can help keep your beard looking good between trims. Shampoo, conditioner, pomade and mousse all work well in keeping your beard in good condition between trims. Be sure to test out each product before using it on your whole Beard to make sure that it doesn’t cause any irritation or unwanted hair growth.

4) Take care of the skin beneath- Just like with any other part of your body

Developing a beard

Beard development is not an easy task, but it can be done with time and dedication. Here are some of the smartest beard design ideas to look handsome:

1. Start with a well-groomed beard. First and foremost, always keep your beard clean and well-groomed. This will help you achieve a neatly trimmed beard that looks sharp and professional. Trimming your beard regularly will also help remove any dead or dry hair, which can give your beard a more polished look.

2. Add length and thickness to your beard growth. Beard growth can be slow at first, but adding length and thickness to yourbeard will make it develop more quickly. One way to do this is by using a trimmer that has bothFine Grind & Turbo Blade capabilities for added precision.

3. Use essential oils for added fragrance and health benefits. Not only do essential oils provide a pleasing scent, but they also offer many health benefits such as reducing anxiety, relieving headaches, boosting energy levels,and fighting off infection….

Trimming Your Beard

There are a few steps you can take to trim your beard and make it look its best. Beard trimming is important for two reasons: first, if your beard is too long, it can be difficult to style and maintain; and secondly, if your beard is too short, it can be easy to see your facial hairline. Here are the steps to trimming your beard:

1) Start by determining the length of your beard. This can be done in several ways: using a mirror, holding a piece of paper up against your face while looking in the mirror and estimating; or using a beard trimmer with an adjustable guide. Once you have determined the length of your beard, use the trimmer to cut it evenly at that point.

2) Trim any excess hair off of the sides of your face and around your jawline. This will help to shape the appearance of your facial features and give you a more refined look.

3) Remove any strays from below your lip and around the corners of your mouth. This will help to give you a cleaner look overall.

4) Finish up by cutting any longer hairs on top of your head shorter using a hair clipper or scissors. This will help give you a more polished appearance.

Grooming Your Beard

Looking handsome with a well-groomed beard takes some effort, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. Here are seven smartest beard design ideas to help you look your best.

1. Keep your beard trimmed close to your face.

This will keep your beard looking tidy and groomed, as well as make it easier to manage. Trimming it closely to your skin will also protect you from any potential irritation or razor burn.

2. Use a Beard Balm or Oil.

If you want to keep your beard looking shiny and healthy, use a beard balm or oil before you go about shaving. These products will help nourish your skin and keep your beard looking at its best. Make sure to apply enough so that the product is evenly distributed throughout the hair, but not so much that it becomes greasy or oily.

3. Try a Shave cream with a Beard brush.

If you’re using a traditional razor, try shaving cream with a Beard brush instead. This will help distribute the shave more evenly and avoid any nicks or cuts along the way. Be sure to use plenty of lather and shave slowly in order to prevent irritation and razor burn on your neckbeard area (the area around your neck).

4. Brush Your Beard Twice A Day!

Brushing your beard twice daily helps remove any loose hairs and bacteria that may have built up over time, leading to an overall better look

Maintaining Your Beard

When it comes to looking handsome with a beard, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, be sure to maintain it well. This means taking care of your Beard’s growth and proper maintenance. Secondly, make sure your beard is styled the right way – it needs to complement your facial features. And finally, make sure you have the right tools and products to help you take care of your Beard properly. Here are some tips on how to look Handsome with a Beard:

1. Maintain Your Beard Well
One of the most important things you can do to maintain your beard is to take care of its growth and proper maintenance. Be sure to clean it regularly using soap and water; this will help remove any build-up that may be causing irritation or dryness. Additionally, avoid styling products that contain chemicals or harsh ingredients; these can damage your beard over time. Finally, avoid excessive exposure to heat or cold – both can rough up the skin on your face and further damage your Beard.

2. Style Your Beard Correctly
There is no one “right” way to style a beard; the key is to find something that looks good on you and coordinates well with your facial features. You can go for something more traditional if you want, or experiment with different styles until you find something that works best for you. Keep in mind also that different parts of your face may require different styles – for example, a


There’s no denying that a well-groomed beard can make you look handsome. In this article, we’ve collected some of the best beard design ideas to help you achieve that goal. From trimming and grooming tips to stylish looks, we’ve got everything you need to get the look you desire. So whether you’re looking for a starter kit or just some inspiration, be sure to check out our selection!

Which beard looks most attractive?

There’s no single answer to this question, as the appearance of a beard can vary depending on a person’s face shape and skin color. However, some of the most fashionable beards on the market right now include clean-shaven styles, goatees, sideburns, and Mutton Chops. Below are ten smart beard design ideas that will appeal to any man.

1. Go for a classic look with a tidy shave. This style is popular because it looks good on most face shapes and can be styled in many different ways.

2. Try a full beard – this trend is growing in popularity because it gives men more options when styling their beard. You can go for an untamed wild look or keep it clean-shaven and conservative for a more traditional appearance.

3. Add some height to your look with a goatee or mutton chop style beard. These styles add dimension and length to your facial features, making you appear taller and more distinguished.

4. Grow out your sideburns or trim them short for a more modern look. Sideburns are often overlooked but they can make a big difference when it comes to facial attractiveness.

5. Amp up your masculinity with a full mustache or whiskers – these additions can take your overall look from bland to ruggedly handsome in just seconds!

6. Don’t forget about facial hair on the cheeks – stubble on

How do I make my beard look smart?

There are different ways to make your beard look smart. You can try different styles and techniques, or simply go with a more conventional look. For example, you could go with a trimmed beard or fuller beard style. You can also experiment with different colors and patterns, or choose a more sophisticated style that looks a bit more formal.

Some people like to keep their beards relatively short and tidy, while others prefer longer beards that are styled into a variety of shapes and styles. No matter what you choose, it’s important to remember that your beard should look natural and comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable wearing your beard, it may not be the best choice for you.

Beard brushes are also an important part of any smart looking beard. A good brush will help to tame the hair and distribute oil evenly throughout the Beard. This will help to keep the hair healthy and hydrated, which is essential for keeping your Beard looking its best!

Which beard shape is best?

There are basically three beard shapes that can be considered optimal for men. The square, the triangular, and the V-shape.

The square beard is by far the most popular beard shape. It takes up less space on your face and gives you a more trimmed appearance. It’s also flattering because it creates a symmetrical look.

The triangular beard is similar to the square beard in terms of its popularity and how it looks, but it has one major advantage over the square: triangular beards can be taller than square beards. This makes them more distinct and allows you to show off your facial features better.

Finally, the V-shape is becoming increasingly popular. The main reason for this is that it gives men more volume and height compared to other beard shapes. This makes them look stronger and more masculine.

What is the best style for beard styling?

There are many different types of beards that can be styled in a variety of ways. To get started, it is important to understand the different beard styles and what will work best for you.

The three main beard styles are: full face, partial face, and goatee.

Fullface Beards

For fullface beards, the key is to make sure that the beard covers all of your face. This means shaving around your mouth and chin, as well as on top of your head where the hair is thinnest. The style should also be anchored with a strong style hairpiece or mustache. Fullface beards can look formal or rugged, depending on how they are styled.

Partial Face Beards

For partial face beards, the goal is to create a balance between covering most of your face and having some facial hair visible. A good starting point is to shave around your mouth but leave a small amount of stubble on your cheeks and neck. You can then style the rest of your beard however you like – full or partial face styles work well here too. Partial faces can look more Casual or Romantic than full faces, depending on how they are styled.

Goadatee Beards

Goadatees (or ‘goatee’ beard styles) are popular because they provide a balance between formality and casualness. Start by trimming the sides of your beard so that it’s about 1

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