ACI Certification, How to get an ACI Certification?

American Concrete Institute (ACI) seems to be industry testing organization provides national aggregate technician certification programs that are particular to testing operations. Although, there are many other testing universities, institutes, industry associations and state departments of transportation that offer study resources and preparation materials, testing and training as well. There is need of experts, persons possessing experience certificate in addition to the certification pertaining to techniques by state and federal agencies. The contractors must also take care while giving the infrastructural projects both government and private to those who possess special certification.

How to get an ACI Certification?

Testing methods for aggregate technician certification must possess ASTM C1077 test (Standard Practice for Agencies Testing Concrete and Concrete Aggregates for use in Construction and Criteria for Testing Agency Evaluation). C1077 must adhere with the testing agency with services offering “under technical direction of a registered professional engineer”.

1.) Getting commenced at national level

As defined before, ACI provides training and national certification examinations for aggregate technicians. The several technicians go hand-in-hand with several certifications of concrete technician. It may be note that advancement of levels of technician certificate, there are additional standards that applicant must be well-versed in.

2.) ACI Exam Programs and Training of State

Our state department of transportation (DOT) has its procedures on certification of technician specifically over and above any required federal regulations. Moreover, state DOTs provides certification exams and programs for technician training by partnership or agency itself with a state approved entity. Moreover to state agencies, state and college universities frequently have technical programs geared to aggregate technician certifications. The informational data provided below can assists and guide you further what else to keep in mind and what to looking out for-

On state DOT website we have to search certification for aggregate technician to see what exists. For example, Arizona DOT will take you towards link of Arizona Technical Testing Institute, an arm of ADOT that basically oversees list of certified technicians, scheduling, examinations, guides and many more.

3.) Preparation Resources

There is no shortage of training programs with pre-tests, study material guides and exam sites from National Highway Institute, ASTM and ACI, schools or state agencies. When we search on Google, training materials for certification of aggregate technician various links will visible among which are –

  • ACI University online learning, ACI bookstore and free online presentations on aggregates.
  • National Asphalt Paving Association, manuals and webinars and many more.


American Concrete Institute (ACI) is an international organization has developed standards and codes utilized by contractors and engineers worldwide for nearly a century. For individuals, different certification programs such as Concrete Special Inspector, Flatwork Finisher or Field testing technician are identified and accepted internationally as setting standard for concrete-related certifications.

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