Benefits of Creative Writing – Why Creative writing is so important

“You can’t use CREATIVITY.  The more you use, the more you have.”

-Maya Angelou

The same applies to creative writing since it uses an eternal blend of empathy, inquisitiveness and meticulous observation to explore the human experiences and articulate a narrative through an honest and unfiltered lens. Unquestionably, creative writing is known to make the world a better place to live in, owing to its attributes such as continuous exploration of human experience, sharing of new ideas, and championing for the cause of a better society.

Here is our humble attempt to enumerate the advantages of creative writing that you can experience by engaging in this type of writing.

It enhances your communication:

When you try your hands at it, your increased articulation in your writing extends to the way you talk and think. Every single time you try searching for the appropriate word in your story or poem, you tend to exercise the same parts of your grey matter that are used every day while writing or speaking.  Hence, this ongoing process subconsciously turns you into an effective communicator.

It boosts analytical skills:

Creative writing introduces the writer to the concept of perspectives, an important aspect of critical thinking.  Just think about your life events where you act as participants with a limited perspective.  However, when you reflect on the event at a later date, you become a spectator. When you start narrating the event, you turn into a character and reflect on the past. This allows you to explore different perspectives on your own life; thereby boosting your analytical skills.

It encourages compassion:

Creative writing encourages you to explore your emotions and the emotions of others.  When you write creative stories, you place yourself in the shoes of your protagonist and other characters, which helps you navigate through their emotions.  If you practice this art on a regular basis, you are bound to become a more compassionate human being.

It can do wonders for your career:

Creative writing results in the enhancement of your vocabulary as you scout around for novel ways to express yourself. Hence, as you gain expertise in your writing over time, you will be surprised to find yourself at an all-new level of language proficiency, which will do wonders to your career path.

Lastly, if you think creative writing is all work and no enjoyment, you are sadly mistaken!  It is fun too, especially when we are at our creative best and introducing new landscapes and characters, it is an extremely delightful experience.

In current times, online writing classes are a boon for beginners learning to write. It is believed that you can be good at writing if you are disciplined, have an eye for details, strong vocabulary, and above all a passion for reading.  So sit back and use this time to not just learn. But also read books of different genres so that while writing is your basic nature, you can nurture it by following the above tips.

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