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There can be occasions when you may need a list of names for various reasons. To find the names you take help from the internet, a key to everything, but what you exactly need to search when you want an entire list of random names? for that, there is a thing called the Random Name Generator.

Almost everything in this world has a name. Name is basically and most importantly is an identity, be it of human or animal or any type of non-living thing. Names can be sweet as honey or can be as difficult to pronounce as if learning a new language – like most of the scientific names of flora and fauna, students who have studied or studying science can relate. But whatever it is, one needs to have a name because in this whole world you need an identity to be known by others or get recognized and a name does it all.

You cannot make others recognize something without naming it. So, name indeed plays an important role in everybody’s life, as long as an individual live, he/she needs an identity.

You all have wondered at some point in your life about who named you, was it your mother or father or grandparents or your favorite aunt or uncle and why did they give you the particular name? But that’s just the excitement of the elders who love us and name us and you understand this when you are about to become a parent or you have become and then you want your baby to have a unique name because that will be the name they will be recognized by through their entire life. If you too are a fact lover then gain more with Random Facts Generator.

What is a Random Name Generator?

In easy and simple language, a random name generator is a tool developed by various websites to help you find some random names for whatever purpose you are looking for. Be it for your work purpose or for naming your own newborn, your nephew or niece, or your best friend’s child.

There can be a lot of reasons to use the tool random name generator. Some reasons are listed below:

  • A random name generator can be a big help if you are an author or writer because finding a name or names for characters is a difficult task. You have to think hard and then choose a name for your character or protagonist/antagonist, or side character. This random name generator can help you pick names for certain characters for your story writing.
  • If you are a new parent and looking for a unique name for your baby then a random name generator is here to assist you. You can generate a lot of beautiful and unique names for your child which he/she will be going to love in the future.
  • If you have some school project or assignment/homework that asks you to write a short story then, of course, you will develop character and you will be naming them. You can definitely try the random noun generator.
  • You can use a random noun generator for fun purpose as well like naming your group member with new names or giving them nicknames, etc

Now, the question is that there are so many websites that provide the tool – random name generator. which one is the best? There is an answer to this question. One of the best websites that introduce you to one of the best random name generators is the website called Wordigram.

The Random Name Generator by Wordigram

There are a lot of benefits you get when you use the random name generator tool developed by wordigram. From having a night mode to no inappropriate names, it is very safe to use. Given below are the advantages that you get when you use the tools by wordigram.

  • If you have not much specific name idea in your mind then you can randomly generate the names for both males and females.
  • It has a custom feature where you can choose the initial letter of the first name and also the last letter of the first name. You also get to decide the word length of the first name and then you can generate and get the names as you wish.
  • You can choose the gender- female or male. You can also choose both options to generate random names of both genders.
  • Instead of writing down the generated names that you liked, you can simply copy the names which you want and paste them in your notepad or in your assignment/project.
  • The Wordigram site includes the dark mode as well, so if you are someone who likes to work with dark mode on, then this app is surely for you. You don’t have to worry about the annoying white screen light.
  • The tool is all free to use.
  • Anyone can use this tool by Wordigram without worrying about getting any inappropriate name.
  • It provides all the necessary FAQs on the site so that you don’t get confused while using the tool.
  • You can generate 60 random names at a time which seems sufficient and if you want you can regenerate more, there is no limit.

Some randomly generated names by the random name generator tool developed by Wordigram:- Caterina Stanton, Reynaldo Rudolph, Leroy Beasley, Warren Pereira, Wilford Connolly, Aja Sargent, Chris Friend, Tobias Daly, Dexter Holland, Federico Pacheco, and there can be so many more name that you can generate.

Wordigram is a website that has a lot of random generating tools and this is what makes this site one of the best random generator tool websites, in addition to that it is super easy to use which means no waste of time in trying to figure out how to use it. Anyone can use this tool.

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