Simple Ways to Improve Home Security

Having an alarm system in place, or wired fences and security cameras is all great when it comes to home security. But sometimes they can go heavy on the pocket, so it’s not for everyone. And what do people that live in apartment complexes do when there are no fences to wire?

It probably never occurred to us but there are simpler ways to improve your home security if you’re not trying to continue a subscription to a security system in place. Surely you’re aware of smart home devices that have made their way into domestic markets in the last few years. 

Well, some smart home devices come in very handy when it’s about home security. Considering they are accessible remotely via smartphones and third-party mobile apps. That makes them accessible from wherever you are, literally; meaning you can stay connected to your home all the time.

Here are 3 smart devices that are affordable and brilliant given the technology they possess, and they are very useful when it comes to home security.

  1. Smart Security Cameras

Smart cameras are the new surveillance cameras of this decade. They’re small and boast HD quality video feed in color, including night vision. Some smart cameras are wired, while there are also wireless (battery-operated) ones available as well. That makes them the perfect indoor as well as outdoor security cameras.

Like all smart devices, smart security cameras can be accessed through their respective mobile applications that are downloadable onto smartphones, tablets, laptops and some PCs too. So you can view your smart cam HD footage through your wireless devices from wherever you are. Keep an eye on what’s happening indoors and outdoors, and in case you miss out on anything, smart cams send real-time alerts to your devices whenever it detects any movement – so you can always go back and rewind the live footage. 

Here’s a feature that you probably didn’t know was possible with a smart camera; two-way audio. You probably already know that some security cams have audio so you can listen while watching the video. But with smart security cameras, you can even speak to whoever is at the other end of the camera – like the neighbor peeping into your window. 


  1. Smart Door Locks

Keyless and tamperproof door locks are a great way to secure your homes. It also saves you the trouble of fumbling through your bag or pockets to find the front door key. That is why a smart door lock would be a great device to bump up your home security.

Smart door locks are unlocked via a personalized passcode that is punched onto the machine, or with your mobile phones. Gone are the days where you have to hide the keys in the most obvious of places for the neighbor to come in and water your plants while you’re away on vacation. Unlock the door from the designated mobile application when you have to, without stressing over your hidden keys, and give your family and friends the passcode so they can come in with ease. 

These devices also send alerts anytime your door is unlocked, so you can keep a strict check. You can also check the lock status from the mobile application and lock when necessary. Suffice to say, smart door locks are super convenient and very safe.


  1. Video Doorbell 

What’s better than an ordinary doorbell? A video doorbell of course! And we’re not talking about video intercoms – those are great, because you can answer the door and see whose outside without having to walk over and open the door. But Smart Video Doorbells are what we’re referring to. 

Smart video doorbells provide a full, head-to-toe, wide-angle view of the outside, along with two-way audio. So you can fully see who is outside or what’s happening. Its video feed is accessible through its very own mobile application, and also from where you can answer your door. You could be at work and talk to the mailman, instructing him on where to place your Amazon delivery so that it doesn’t get stolen. The video feed of the day is also usually available to view in case you want to check on something specific, and sometimes with cloud storage options, you can save video footage as well.

These video doorbells also feature motion detectors, so when someone’s hovering at your door without having rung the bell, get real-time alerts to check what’s up. 


Final Thoughts
Smart devices are a blessing to the domestic market, because of all the automation and energy-saving features they bring with them. But what we tend to overlook is the security factor. Certain smart devices may be cool to boast for automating your home, but they also serve as great security devices for your home and for your family. 

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