The Coolest Italian Mustache Styles

If you’re looking for a new mustache style, there are plenty of great options to choose from in Italy. In fact, many of the world’s most popular mustache styles originated in this country. So what are some of the coolest Italian mustache styles? Here are five of the best: The Goatee: This classic mustache style is made up of a series of small, evenly-spaced goatees. It can be worn with either a clean or rugged appearance, and it suits almost any facial type. The Balbo: Named after Mussolini’s iconic leader portrait, the Balbo is characterized by its wide, sweeping lines. The mustache should be both thick and full, and it should extend well past your cheeks. The Soul Patch: A variation on the old-fashioned sideburns, the soul patch takes the form of an extra piece of hair growing on top of your lip. It can be styled into any direction you like, and it gives you a more distinguished look. The Fu Manchu: Named after one of Shanghai’s most famous residents, this mustache style is characterized by its triangular shape and extended points. Fu Manchu mustaches can be dark or light

What is a mustache?

There is no single answer to what a mustache is or why someone might choose to sport one. In fact, the definition of a mustache can differ depending on who you ask. Generally speaking, though, a mustache is simply facial hair that protrudes beyond the lip line. There are many different types and styles of mustaches, so it’s important to find one that works well with your face and personality.

Some popular mustache styles include the goatee, full beard, and soul patch. The goatee is characterized by its short, curved Argali-style whiskers that extend from just below the Adam’s apple to the corners of the mouth. A full beard consists of much more dense facial hair than a goatee, and it should be at least two inches long in order to look its best. Soul patches are simply small patches of facial hair that sit just above the lower lip. They’re often trimmed into a style similar to a goatee or full beard, but they can also be left largely unkempt for a more natural look.

No matter what type of mustache you choose, make sure to spice it up with some stylish clothing and accessories. A well-fitted suit or dress will help you enhance any existing facial hair while adding an air of sophistication and gravitas. For those times when you just don’t feel like shaving or trying to style your own hair, there are many great mustaches available commercially in various styles and colors. So

The Different Types of Mustaches

There are many different types of mustaches, and they can be worn in a variety of ways. For example, a thin mustache can be worn on the upper lip, while a fuller mustache can be worn on the lower lip. Some men also wear mustaches in between their eyebrows or around the sides of their face.

The following are four of the most popular types of mustaches:

1. The Handlebar Mustache

This type of mustache is made up of two lines that run parallel to each other across the bottom of the mustache. The handlebar mustache is often worn by older gentlemen who want to look gentlemanly and sophisticated. It’s also popular among actors, politicians, and business executives. To create this type of mustache, you’ll need to trim your beard down to a narrow strip and then style it into a handlebar shape using hair wax or styling cream. You can also use an edge trimmer to create the desired shape.

2. The Full Lip Mustache

A full lip mustache is made up of long hairs that are styled into a full beard or moustache. This type of facial hair is perfect for those who want something more rugged and masculine than a thin mustache. To create this type of mustache, start by removing all your existing hair from around your mouth (except for your nose and upper lip). Then use an electric shaver or razor to create a well-defined outline around your lips (use caution not to nick

How to Grow a Mustache

If you’re looking for a unique and interesting way to express yourself, growing a mustache may be the perfect choice. There are many different mustache styles out there, so finding the one that fits your personality and looks natural is key.

Here are some tips on how to grow a mustache:

1. Start by trimming your hair close to your face so that it will stay in place while you grow the mustache. If you have thick hair, you may need to shave off some of it before starting.

2. Apply a good mustache oil or wax before shaving to keep the hairs in place and make them less susceptible to splitting or breaking.

3. Once your hair is trimmed close to your face, start shaping the mustache using thread or a beard trimmer. Make sure that it’s well-defined and fits your facial features nicely. Clip it evenly all around the edge of your lip.

4. Once the mustache is complete, apply a topcoat or sealant to keep it looking shiny and healthy over time. If necessary, you can also apply falsemustache hairs (available at most beauty stores) in order to create more variety and realism in your look.

How to Style a Mustache

There are a few different ways to style a mustache, and the correct method for you depends on your facial features and personal style. You can go all-out with an elaborate handlebar, go full Pompadour with a pencil thin mustache, or just rock a classic look with some bushy whiskers.

Choose the right type of mustache hair: if you want to put in more effort and get a more polished look, then choose waxed mustache hairs. Alternatively, if you’re going for something more rustic, go for unprocessed hairs.

If you’re using waxed mustache hairs, start by shaping them using a hot iron. Make sure the hair is fully heated before applying the wax so that it will be easier to hold in place while styling. Once the wax is cooled down, apply it to the hair using your fingers or a comb. Reheat the wax once again before shaping it into your desired shape.

For unprocessed mustache hair, start by shaving off as much of the excess beard as possible so that your hair looks short and tidy. Gently comb through the hair to distribute any product evenly before styling it into place using a hot iron or hairdryer set on medium heat.


If you’re looking for the coolest Italian mustache styles, then look no further. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite mustachioed men and showcased their best looks, so be sure to check them out! Whether you want something sophisticated or flashy, we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Give one of these classic Italian mustache styles a try today!

What is the Italian mustache called?

The Italian mustache is a style of facial hair grown on the lower lip and chin. It can be full, tight, or slightly curved. Some men choose to groom their mustache into a neatly trimmed style, while others let it flow freely.

The origins of the Italian mustache are unknown, but it is thought to have originated in the 15th century. At that time, men wore mustaches as part of their warrior culture. Over the years, various styles of mustaches emerged in Italy and other parts of Europe. The Italian mustache became popular in America during the early 20th century and has since become one of the most popular facial hair styles worldwide.

There are many different types of Italian Mustaches available today. Some men grow them as a symbol of masculinity and power, while others simply enjoy its unique look. Whatever your reasons for wanting an Italian mustache, there are several styles available to suit your needs.

Do Italians wear mustache?

There are a few different types of mustaches that Italians commonly sport. The most common type, the bushy moustache, is typically styled with a side sweep and an upturned end. Another popular style is the handlebar mustache, which is usually trimmed more closely to the lip. For those who want something a little more formal, there’s the full beard option. And for those who just can’t seem to keep a clean face no matter what they do, there’s always the goatee!

Are mustaches in style for 2022?

Looking for the next big trend in fashion? Check out these mustaches! Italian men have been sporting mustaches for centuries, and they are back in style for 2022. Here are ten of the coolest Italian mustache styles to try this year.

The Gatsby: This classic mustache style is made up of a neatly trimmed mustache on top with a full beard below it. It’s perfect for gentlemen who want to dress up but still look relaxed and masculine.

The Handlebar: This mustache is a mix of the Gatsby and the regular mustache. It has a trimmed handlebar mustache on top with full beard below it. The Handlebar can be worn any way you like, but is typically worn tilted to one side.

The Old-Fashioned: This classy mustache features a neatly trimmed goatee on top with full beard below it. This is the perfect combination of modern and classic, and will look great on any man.

The Soul Patch: For a more unique look, try sporting a soul patch instead of a regular mustache. This facial hair can be very trendy right now, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

The Hipster: If you want something more retro than traditional, try sporting the hipster mustache! This style features an old-fashioned handlebar with long whiskers pointing down toward your neckline. It’s perfect for men who love to rock retro looks!

The Full

What is the best mustache style?

There are a variety of different mustache styles that can be cool and stylish. For example, the Italian style is popular because it is simple but still looks good. The style involves a straight or slightly curved line down the middle of your upper lip. You can choose to go with a full mustache or just a small part on either side. Another great style is the handlebar mustache, which features a longer, thinner mustache on either side of your mouth. This style can be super modern and trendy, and can work well with any outfit. If you’re not sure what style is right for you, there are many online resources that can help guide you in the right direction.

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