Tips to find the GCF and LCM using a different method in Math

It is quite common to get confused between LCM and GCF (HCF) while solving them side by side. The reason is a similarity in the method to explore and solve both these questions. Today, we will try to clear all your confusion about these terminologies and will show you how to find them properly.

What are LCM and HCF (GCF)?

LCM (Least Common Multiple) is the smallest common multiple of two or more numbers. In simple words, it is the smallest number that will be fully divided by all the given numbers.

Similarly, GCF (Greatest Common Factor) is the greatest number that can divide all the input numbers. No two or more same numbers will be divisible by any greater number.

Many times, a student may have to use an LCM calculator to find these terms for efficient outcomes. Both of these terms are essential when you have to sum up or subtract fractional terms.

Here we are going to show you how you can easily find Least Common Multiple and Highest Common Factor.

Tips to find LCM and GCF

The easiest way to find both these terms is using Prime Factorization. It is pretty easy to understand and complete a question with this method. The student only has to follow simple steps and divide numbers by a specific number.

 As the name of the method shows, the number will be prime or unique. In mathematics, prime numbers are those words that can’t be divided by any other number.

In this process, you have to divide all the numbers with a prime number like 2, 3, or any other.

In the end, all those prime factors will be multiplied properly to find LCM and GCF. It is pretty easy to follow this process and solve your question.

But sometimes, you can’t use this method as instructed by the examiner or teacher. You may have to use another complicated method like the division method to solve your questions.

This process is complex and confusing as compared to the previous one. In such a case, you can use the HCF calculator to find the exact answers.

You can easily use an online calculator to solve your question no matter how many terms it has. The only thing you have to keep focus while inserting your data.

Let’s have a quick look at how you can use a tool for solving LCM and GCF-related questions.

Methods to use an online calculator

In this section, we will discuss methods to find LCM and GCF with an online calculator one by one. You only have to learn this method and input your data accordingly to get the right answer.

First of all, you have to browse the Least common multiples calculator in your search browser. Such tools have a simple interface with every section labeled properly.

You only have to enter all numbers in the given box. Keep in mind that you have to put commas (,) between two numbers. If you do not do this, the tool will take all your numbers as a single one and will show errors.

Once you have done this, you only have to click the “Calculate” button. The tool will implement different commands on your data and extract the accurate answer.

In addition, you will get the entire solution of the problem on your screen. With this, you can also learn how the tool has solved the question and try to become proficient in the field on your own.

There is not much difference while you are looking to find HCF of different numbers. You only have to pick the greatest common factor calculator to accomplish this task.

It will take data from you with a similar process as mentioned above. The only thing that will be different is the implementation of commands.

Also, the results showing manner will be a little different than the LCM calculator. You might also be able to check the entire solution of your question to note it in any of your desired places.

Due to this property, a lot of students are using this calculator to complete their assignments.

Purpose of LCM and GCF

There is a wide range of applications regarding LCM and GCF. In basic mathematics, you have to sum up or subtract different fractional terminologies.

Without taking LCM of denominators of all fractions, you can’t complete this process. A fractional sum is impossible without taking LCM properly.

Similarly, HCF has great importance in financial mathematics at a small level. No doubt, it is not used in advanced mathematics but you can’t calculate the relationship between various sections.

In this way, HCF and LCM are the essential terminologies from basic level mathematics. Therefore, you should have to use various calculators available over the internet to avoid errors in your calculations.

Wrapping Up

LCM and GCF are essential terms for all mathematics students. Without these terms, you can’t complete even basic-level problems.

You should learn how to find a solution to such questions using all the available methods. If you find it difficult to learn from someone, you can use calculators for this task.

These tools will show a comprehensive solution of different problems to understand every single part of it. In short, it will be the best way to learn the process to find Least common multiple and Highest common factor.

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