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Have you people heard about TOEFL? If not. Then read this article. It will help you out to provide appropriate information regarding TOEFL. So, what is TOEFL? It stands for Test of English as Foreign Language. It evaluates and grades fluency of non-native speakers who wish to study in American universities. The exam is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS). The same organization that conducts the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The exam is conducted more than 60 times a year across the world at designated test centers. By qualifying the test ensures your ability to follow university classroom level listening, reading, speaking and writing as well.

1   What is the format of TOEFL?

Internet based test (IBT) and Paper based test (PBT) are two types of TOEFL test. TOEFL-IBT is more predominantly used whereas TOEFL-PBT is available only for locations where testing through internet is not available. The time duration of test is 4 hour with a 10 minute break. Your communication skills are tested by four sections namely reading or listening to questions and speaking or writing in response.

Section Description
Reading Section Comprises of passage based questions on which you have to answer 36 to 56 questions.
Listening Section In this section, students need to answer the questions carefully by listening lecture, classroom discussion or conversation.
Speaking Section In this section, students are supposed to speak on a given topic.
Writing Section In this section, students are supposed to write on a given topic which is linked to reading and listening sections.

Each section carries 30 marks and the maximum TOEFL score is 120 marks. It is very important to understand that the questions in each section needs to be attempted and completed. If you’re not attempting one question then you will lose one exam and your whole score will be affected.

2   What is the fee structure of TOEFL?

The fee structure of TOEFL varies with different countries like mention below

Country Cost
US $205
Australia $300
India $180
Germany $255
South Korea $200

 2.1   Details of additional payments related to TOEFL

Term Fees
Registration Country-specific
Late registration $40 (USD)
Rescheduling $60 (USD)
Reinstatement of cancelled scores $20 (USD)
Additional score reports $20 (USD) each
Speaking or Writing Section score review $80 (USD)
Speaking and Writing Section score review $160 (USD)
Returned payment $20 (USD)

 3   Advantages of TOEFL test

  • Canadian universities where 8 out of 10 universities prefer and receive TOEFL.
  • Nearly 100% of all universities and British schools in Australia and New Zealand accept TOEFL.
  • Also 100% of all universities in United Kingdom including the prestigious Russell Group®School accept TOEFL.
  • It is preferred by 9 out of 10 universities in United States and accepted everywhere.
  • TOEFL is widely accepted throughout Asia including at top universities in mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Korea.

4   How you can improve your English for exam?

To improve your English, you have to listen lectures, radio broadcasts, movies, television, interviews and podcasts in English language. You also need to read quality English books and newspapers as well. Make encyclopedia, thesaurus and dictionary your best friend. You also need to learn idioms and try to use them in sentences. Talk to different peoples and ask for feedback. Also correct your grammar and try as much as you can to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. This also assists you in personality development.

5   TOEFL Practice test and Preparation classes

If you’re going to start TOEFL preparation. Then firstly, you must need to look at sample papers for your reference and practice them over and over again until you can see improvement in yourself. Practice real-time tests and give yourself the whole experience that will in turn prepare you for the actual test. If there are any preparation classes going on near to you. Take them!

  • You can also purchase TOEFL help books for preparation. “The Official Guide to the TOEFL test” is the most common book and you can also find out more books online of similar kind.
  • Several people have appeared for TOEFL and share their experiences and tips online to study for TOEFL. By reading his views students can get an idea about exam like what you will need to know and what will assist you take the test better.
  • Don’t pressurize yourself with the burden of last minute preparations. Prepare thoroughly for TOEFL exam and give yourself enough time to familiar with because TOEFL is regularly conducted more than 60 times a year. Check the TOEFL website regularly to keep up-to-date with information.
  • Formulate a strategy first and then start preparing for exam. It assist you study better for TOEFL. Try to divide your time through the questions and try not to waste time in long drawn questions. You need to work smartly during preparation.

6   Validity of TOEFL score

The validity of TOEFL scores are a period of two years from the test date. So, it is important the candidate applies for admission before expiry of the two-year period.

To summarize the above work, we can conclude that if you want to study abroad for higher studies in renowned universities make sure you have valid TOEFL score.

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