What is MECP Certification? Levels of MECP Certification

Mobile Electronics Certified Professional known as the MECP program is the only internationally identified credential that certifies mobile technology installation technicians and salespeople on automotive information technology, navigation, entertainment, safety, and security systems. It was established in 1991 and administered by Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). MECP is owned and operated by Certification Systems Technology Company (CTSC). The purpose of MECP certification is to assure that individuals install after-market electronics into vessels (watercraft or aircraft) and vehicles in a safe, consistent and reliable manner. In this review article, you will learn about the Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) program including the benefits of the program and how to become MECP certified.

Levels of MECP Certification

  1. Mobile Product Specialist Certification signifies professional has knowledge of the latest technology and can assist select products to build your audio system or add new features like backup cameras and remote starters to your vehicles.
  2. Basic Installation Technician Certification signifies technician is trained in functional shop safety and has experience in basic-level installations. In addition, the technician has a basic electrical knowledge and executes proven troubleshooting steps.
  3. Advanced Installation Technician Certification reflects the person’s ability regarding installation in a motor vehicle. Moreover, it authenticates that person has got experience of one year in installation. Being knowledgeable pertaining to the high electrical theory and technological concepts make them totally apt for handling installation tasks.
  4. Master Installation Technician Certification is the highest level certification by the MECP program. A technician will handle any type of installation in the vehicle. One will find these professional workers as shop managers. In addition to this, they will help them in other techs asking for their assistance in troubleshooting and other projects involving technical integration.
  5. Subject Matter Experts are either Master or Advanced certified. It focused on more than one type of installations and contributes to study materials and exam contents to certify other technicians. If SME certified retailer on shop then you are in good hands.

Factors affecting certification

1.) Test and Job experience

Technicians need to pass the test at each level to prove knowledge and competence in relevant fields. Moreover, job experience is mandatory for advanced and master levels to qualify for the exam. One year of working experience is required in Advanced Installation Technician Certification whereas three years of experience is required in Master Installation Technician Certification for working in the field.

3.) Time length

Due to above mentioned two factors (Test and Job experience), the time is taken by an individual to get MECP certification will depend on which level he/she is applying for and the time length it takes to fulfill the requirement for job experience. In addition, another factor may also affect the time length to obtain certification of mobile electronics certificate education program.

Validity of MECP Certificates

The validity of Mobile Electronics Certified Professional certificates as such:

  • Basic Installation Technician – remain valid for 2 years.
  • Advanced Installation Technician – remain valid for 4 years.
  • Master Installation Technician – remain valid for 4 years.

Importance of MECP Certification

  • If your technician has acquired Advanced or Master level certification, it reflects they have the capability of handling installation standards and recommended best practices.
  • Perform your tasks safely and conscientiously, mindful of the investment a consumer has made in my ability to integrate products into their vehicle.
  • Provide high value to your customers and vendors through providing quality information and related services.
  • Continue to increase my skills through maintaining and improving my knowledge of vehicle electronics systems and safely integrating them into modern vehicles.

MECP Courses

The syllabus of a mobile electronics certificate program covers the following material found on MECP exams. Courses typically include the following –

Introduction to mobile electronics
Installation overview
Electrical systems and circuits
Remote starters and controls
Noise elimination techniques and installing navigational systems

Digital Learning Content and Exams

The online learning content is available for each certification level of MECP that must be read. The progress of individuals in different subjects is checked by their ability to answer the question as they review the content. When all subjects have been reviewed and all preparation questions have been answered, a certification exam will be unlocked. An individual must pass that exam with a score of 80% to get the certification.

Benefits of MECP

The benefits of MECP credentials are innumerable but few are listed below –

  • Enhance your earning potential.
  • Providing peace of mind to consumers.
  • Assisting you to understand industry preferred installation practices.
  • Providing you prominent status with premium vendors.
  • Allowing you to stand out among applicants when seeking employment.
  • Keeping you up-to-date with automotive technology.
  • Elevating your professionalism.


To summarize the above work, we can conclude that MECP is the standard for our industry and is the only internationally recognized credential especially for the mobile electronics and car audio industry.

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