Which of these Tough-guy Actors was a Cheerleader in college?

Many famous personalities who are well-reputed have done the most trivial jobs before getting to the famous position, where they are right now. Many names have been added to this list. Only hard work can bring a person from rags to riches. Every cinephile loves quirky gossips and past facts about the celebrities and their personal lives.

Wondering about the tough guy actors, and what does it actually mean? Then this article is the correct place to know what actually a tough guy actor mean. A strong man who is not easily injured or hurt and the one is who is strong enough to deal with the difficult or violent situations. Such actors who are strong indeed and those who actually stay strong in difficult situations, had a difficult and struggling days in the past, but are successful in the current times despite of such a past are termed as tough guy actors. A tough guy actor term is used for those actors who play a strong and stuntmen type of characters on screen, but have done trivial jobs like cheerleading, worked as janitors, sales guys and much more. Such actors are given the tags of tough guy actors.

The sad reality of all crazy cinephiles out there is that they think of actors as a public property and want to know each and every detail about them. Well that is their love for the actors indeed. Many actors earned fame as tough guy actors in the movie industry, but were cheerleaders in their college life. One such famous name in the industry is Samuel L. Jackson. Yes! one has to be surprised about Samuel L. Jackson’s past as serving as a cheerleader. Let us know more about Samuel L. Jackson and his sparkling history of cheerleading in his college days.

So digging up to the main part of this article as to Which of these Tough-guy Actors was a Cheerleader in college? The answer to this question is Samuel L. Jackson, also known as Samuel Leroy Jackson. One can remember or recall this bounteous name in the Marvel Universe.

Early life of Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most common names while talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is one famous actors whose name can be associated with blockbuster films and sitcoms. He studied Marine Biology at the Morehouse College, in Atlanta, Georgia. The Morehouse College, is an all-male institution. After he joined a local acting organization he realized about his passion towards acting then deciding to switch his majors to acting. He acted in many movies and shined through his college and also developed a huge fan base.

Before joining the acting majors, he worked as a social worker for around two years in Los Angeles. The most important thing was that he was the only person to be in the cheerleading squad at the time while he was persuaing marine biology in an all-men institute. In order to get more attention by the women, Samuel joined the cheerleading squad for the college’s basket ball and foot ball teams thus showing off his spirit towards sports and pretty women.

By joining the cheerleading squad, he made it possible to attend the basket ball and foot ball games at other universities too, thus attracting the female crowds, and where female fans crowded the stands. By doing so, he also met his life partner and actress LaTanya Richardson, a student who was attending one such match where Samuel was cheerleading. In many of his interviews he has also put his views about cheerleading, that he became a cheerleader to see the world and meet diverse beautiful women. He was inspired to do so as he studied in an all-men institute and never got much of a chance to interact with girls.

A clarity about misconception of Cheerleading’s association with only women

Usually, the term cheerleading is a sports exclusively activity performed by women and also a misconception and most common thought of a laymen. But in reality man also participated in cheerleading activities back in the 19th century. It was a mal dominated activities back then. It is very uncommon visual or a thing for college cheerleading squads to have male members as a cheerleader. But unlike the common perspective, many celebrities have broken this misconception and have served as a cheerleader in their college days.

Struggling and Successful years in Samuel’s acting career

After he began his acting career after completing his acting majors, he started performing on stage for many dramas and films. It was in 1972 he debuted as the flourishing actor in independent film roles. But soon he had to face a strong competition by other competitor actors, which led him down in his career. Then to give a boost to his acting career, he started taking small roles for sometime to make his comeback in the acting industry.

Only hard work can bring a person from rags to riches and talent never fades away. That was also the case with Samuel L. Jackson. He acted in various comedy films and regained his fame and popularity. Few of his most famous works include :

  • Jurassic Park (1993)
  • Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995)
  • A time to kill (1997)
  • Unbreakable (2000)
  • Iron Man (2008)
  • Iron Man 2 (2010)
  • The Avengers (2012)

Basically he has been an incredible part of the Marvel world including Star Wars and almost all the Avengers movies. Thus in conclusion he is one of those actors who holds a special place in the hearts of all Cinephiles out there and he is also one of those Tough-guy Actors who was a Cheerleader in college.

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