Why Should You Take the Certification Course of React JS?

React JS certification training course helps the candidates to master the basics of React, which is a significant web framework for creating uses interfaces. The training course of React JS certification includes events, state, props, and JSX, while also covering topics of the state tree, actions, and reducers. 

What do you know about React?

The front-end library of JavaScript used to make interfaces of users like navigation menus or real-time search is known as React. In 2011, Jordan Walke, a Facebook engineer, created React deployed it for the first time. Till today, Facebook maintains React. 

If one is searching for examples, quite obviously, React is used by Instagram and Facebook, along with other websites like Reddit, The New York Times, Netflix, Expedia, eBay, Dropbox, Coursera, and Airbnb. In 2017, Hiring Trends Survey, the developer of Stack Overflow noticed a great increase in demand for developers of React. 

What are the reasons for learning React?

  • React broadens the reach to mobile

Many people first take upReact for the web and then transition to React Native. Although the transition to React Native from React is not as daunting as many anticipate. The actual challenges are the concepts of mobile versus web, which some find tough, especially when it comes to things like design, setup, navigating or routing, styling, and so on. In other words, a mobile site is quite different from the way one builds or designs a website. The technology itself is not very hard to grasp. Therefore, React is a great place to begin if you may want to do some mobile development someday. 

  • You will learn Vanilla JavaScript and ES6

Although JavaScript libraries are powerful and convenient, they conceal a lot of JavaScript behind the charms of a library. Vanilla JavaScript refers to plain JavaScript, which is JavaScript without the utility of libraries. 

You will learn more about Vanilla JavaScript and ES6, which is a kind of JavaScript, doing React than doing Angular. When using React, every element is in Vanilla JavaScript, in place of just a skeleton version of the language, for instance, when in order to prevent browser incompatibility we use jQuery. React too provides us with plenty of freedom to create a wide range of customizations and functionalities into the apps. When you are working in this structure, it will also help you to understand all kinds of concepts of JavaScript which are too difficult to understand while you are using other frameworks. 

  • One can use any technology with React

In terms of how it provides a view, React is extremely flexible. Hence, you can choose any other framework to use in this library. For instance, you will often come across developers using Node.js with React to use a rendering of the server-side. It provides them with the flexibility to type quite a clean and fast code while utilizing any technology that is suitable for the ongoing project

Wait no more and sign up for React JS certification course. It will further help you understand its applications and benefits. 

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