International students in United States

United States has been the top receiving country for international students due to its high quality of education, world renowned professors, offers best exposure as well as job opportunities to international students after graduation. Each year U.S. attracts more than one million international students. It is the highest number of foreign students in the world. Nearly 5% of all international students enrolled in higher studies and the number of international students in United States are continuously emerging. In this article, you will go through key requirements, Scholarships, accommodation and job opportunities as well for international students in United States.

1  Types of United States Visas for international students

The United States immigration law has provided four categories of visas for both exchange visitors as well as international students.

  1. F-1 visa for full-time international students who enrolled in language training program at an academic institution such as high school, college and university.
  2. M-1 visa for full-time international students at a vocational or other non academic institution.
  3. F-3 or M-3 visa for citizens of Mexico and Canada who travel to United States for part or full-time study at vocational (M-3) or academic (F-3) institution.
  4. J-1 visa for participants who enrolled in an educational or cultural exchange program. This category of visa includes physicians, visiting professors, au pairs, summer work-travel visitors, teachers, research and short-term scholars.

2   What scholarships are provided in United States for international students?

Different scholarships offered by US Colleges and Universities as well as scholarships granted by US government and institutions for international students.

  1. The government of USA offers two scholarships for International Students – Foreign Fulbright Student Program and Humphrey Fellowship Program.
  2. The colleges and universities in United States offer different scholarships for International Students – American University Scholarships, Amherst Colleges Scholarships, Berea College Scholarships, Clark University Scholarships, Colby-Sawyer College Scholarships, Columbia College Scholarships, Concordia College Scholarships, Dartmouth College Scholarships, East Tennessee State University, East west Center, Emory College Scholarships, lllinois Wesleyan University Scholarships, Lowa State University International Merit Scholarships, Michigan State University International Scholarships, Oregon University Scholarships, New York University Wagner Scholarships, University of the West Scholarships and Wasleyan University Scholarships.
  3. Certain Institutions that offers international scholarships for higher studies in United States – Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships, AAUW International Fellowships and Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme.

3   Where international students will reside in United States during studying?

There are a number of options available for international students when it comes to deciding where you will live while you are studying in United States. These options are mention below

3.1   On-campus Dormitories

Few schools of America provide accommodations for international student’s on-campus or near the libraries, school’s classrooms and other facilities. Dormitories are buildings have several rooms. In each room, two or three peoples of the same gender resides. Mostly, several students of first year prefer to reside in on-campus dormitories because they are convenient to both academic and social activities.

3.2   Off-campus Apartments

Few schools of United States don’t offer on-campus accommodations for international students. In that case, an off-campus housing office will help you to find out an appropriate place to live. The office coordinates activities assist students to find out a compatible roommate to share expenses. Apart from that, they also provide information about local neighborhoods like shopping areas, popular restaurants, public, parks and recreation.

3.3   Homestays

It is the best option for international students under the age of 18 especially for those students who are quite nervous about leaving home and living in a new country. You also live with American family who allow you to fully immerse yourself in American culture as you adapt to the life of the family with whom you are living. But you have your own room and meals will be provided to you at the appropriate time.

4   Job opportunities for international students in United States

United States is a top favorite place for international students looking for higher studies because it offers several part-time job opportunities to international students during their on-going studies. The top ten highest paying part-time jobs for international students in USA includes Campus ambassador (Average salary- $10.94 per hour), Barista (Average salary- $11.59 per hour), Teaching assistant (Average salary- $11.85 per hour), Library assistant (Average salary- $13.24 per hour), Receptionist (Average salary- $13.31 per hour), Research study assistant (Average salary- $15.48 per hour), Department assistant (Average salary- $16.44 per hour), Food runner or catering assistant (Average salary- $16.81 per hour), Sales assistant (Average salary- $20.00 per hour), Tutor or peer mentor (Average salary- $21.31 per hour).

To summarize the above work, we can conclude that United States has been ranked one among the other countries for higher studies. In fact, United States is the most popular country for international students because it offers high quality education, world-renowned professors as well as excellent infrastructure and research facilities. The most popular courses like engineering, law, computer, humanities and business management are studied by international students in United States.

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