Highest paying computer science jobs

Computer has become a part of our life nowadays. By employing computers we can do most of the work from home like online education, online forms fill up, mobile recharge, shopping, games etc and many more. This is possible only by computer science. So, what is computer science? The study of computers, its parts and related processes including hardware and software designs. The demand of IT professionals is continuously emerging in software companies. This is only due to work carried out by digital systems and offers you a highest salary.

You can learn critical communication, analytical and technology skills by choosing a career in computer science and can easily transfer to other tech-based professions. In this article, you’ll learn about computer science jobs that offer highest salaries to his employees.

Below you’ll find a list of highest paying computer science jobs

1.      Big Data Engineer

2.      Software Engineer

3.      Mobile Applications Developer

4.      IT Auditor

5.      Systems Security Administrator

6.      Data Architect

7.      DevOps Engineer

8.      Software Architect

9.      Network Security Engineer

10.  Ethical Hacker

  1. Big Data EngineerData Engineers are the ones who design, build test and maintain the complete architecture of this large-scale processing system. With the increasing data sources and accelerating data growth several challenges have emerged in storing, processing and handling data called big data. As companies become more dependent on user data and looking out for skillful and talented people that can assist they gain insights into customer’s mind. The national average salary for Big Data Engineer in United States is US$ 104,463 per year.
  2. Software EngineerSoftware Engineers manage the development of new software in companies. They are involved in research, design, development and operational testing steps of software development process. Few software engineers focus on building software for operating systems while others develop programs and specialized computer applications. The average salary for a Software Engineer is $115,158 per year in United States.
  3. Mobile Applications DeveloperMobile Applications Developer is a software engineer who works mainly with mobile devices. Being a Mobile Applications Developer, you will develop and manage new applications of smart phones like iPhones and Android for consumers globally. These applications can be pre-installed during manufacturing or can be installed by consumers using web browser. This is one of the highest paying computer jobs and the national average salary for Mobile Applications Developer is $115,817 per year.
  4. IT AuditorInformation Technology Auditors assist organizations by protecting their internal controls and data within their technology system. IT Auditors check computer networks to find out issues such as fraud, inefficiency and mismanagement while developing means of improving user interface, security and processing capabilities. The national average salary for Information Technology Auditor is $98,822 per year.
  5. Systems Security AdministratorWith this job, you’ll have to handle all aspects of information security and protects the virtual data resources of a company. Systems Security Administrator is responsible for mobile, desktop and network security. It is also responsible for installing, administering and troubleshooting security of an organization. The average salary for Systems Security Administrator is $75,885 per year.
  6. Data ArchitectData Architects should have knowledge of trends, industry and competition so they can solve issues efficiently. Data is redundant is nature therefore data architect have ability to provide data for business purpose to increase customer satisfaction, identification of key performance indicators, product improvement and business decisions on growth etc. Being a Data Architect, you’ll have to coordinate the company databases and take care of security of your data. The average salary for Data Architect in US is $142,880 per year.
  7. DevOps EngineerDevelopment Operations Engineers focuses on automation and transition an organization to cloud technology. The DevOps Engineer works with systems operators, software developers as well as other IT production staff to oversee code deployment process. The national average salary for DevOps Engineer is $121,996 per year.
  8. Software ArchitectSoftware Architect is involved in designing and developing software applications. It is a software development expert who makes high-level design choices to technical standards including coding standards, tools and platforms. In addition, they also engage in design of architecture of hardware environment. The national average salary for Software Architect is $139,099 per year.
  9. Network Security EngineerNetwork Security Engineer is usually involved in configuration, provisioning, deployment and maintenance of the network and security-related hardware and software. These include several network-monitoring tools, virtual private networks (VPNs), routers, switches and firewalls. The work of Network Security Engineer is to protect our systems from cyber threats such as malware, bugs and hackers. The national average salary for Network Security Engineer is $115,197 per year.
  10. Ethical HackerThis job you can easily get by after graduation and is one of the highest paying computer science jobs. An Ethical Hacker is an information security expert who can penetrate computer system network or other computing resource with due permission of owners of organization. The national average salary for an Ethical Hacker in United States is US$ 1,01,165 per year.

To summarize the above work, we can conclude that computer science has huge scope in worldwide. If you’re going to opt computer science in future. I recommend you this is the best option for you to make your career.

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