70 Stunning Beard Styles Without Mustache [Top Picks]

Beards are in. And they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, they may be the next big trend. Whether you have a full beard, a goatee, or any other beard style, there are sure to be options that fit your personal style. If you’re new to beards, or if you just want to experiment with different styles, this list of 70 stunning beard styles without mustache is sure to help. From low-maintenance styles to intricate details, these picks will have you looking your best no matter what you decide to do with your beard.

Why Remove Your Mustache?

There are plenty of reasons why some men choose to remove their mustaches. You may simply no longer feel like upkeep is necessary, or you may simply find that a mustache isn’t a flattering style for you. Regardless of the reason, there are some stunning beard styles that don’t require Mustache removal.

Here are five beard styles that don’t require Mustache removal:

1. The Full Beard: This beard style is perfect for those who want a full, rugged look. To create this look, start by shaving the sides and top of your head completely clean. Then, grow your beard out until it reaches your jawline. Finally, trim the hair around your mouth short so that it barely touches your skin.

2. The Scruffy Beard: For those who prefer a more relaxed look, try growing a scruffy beard. This beard style is characterized by long, unruly layers of hair on top of your head and below your neckline. To create this look, start off by shaving everything but the hair on top of your head and below your neckline. Then, let the rest of your hair grow out until it reaches its desired length and style it however you like.

3. The Goatee: For those who want to go ultra-modern and sophisticated, try growing a goatee. This beard style is characterized by a trimmed chin and cheeks with sparse amounts of facial hair surrounding the mouth

The Different Types of Beards

There are many different types of beards, each with its own unique personality and look. Here are five of the most popular beard styles that don’t include a mustache:

The Full Beard: This is probably the most common type of beard, and it’s definitely the most versatile. The full beard can be styled in a variety of ways, from clean-shaven to full-on rugged.

The Moustache-Free Beard: Another popular style is the mustache-free beard, which is becoming increasingly popular among men who want a more modern look. This type of beard looks best when trimmed closely to the cheeks and styled into a neatly groomed moustache.

The Stubble Beard: If you’re looking for a more natural look, try shaving only the sides and back of your neck hair down to about an inch or two. This stubble-style beard can be styled in many different ways, from clean-shaven to fullblown lumberjack mode.

The Handlebar Mustache: For a slightly more whimsical look, try growing a handlebar mustache. This style works well if you have fairly short hair on your face (less than an inch), as it will give you just enough length to style into a mustache without having to shave completely off your face.

The Van Dyke Beard: If you want something truly unique and eye-catching, grow out a Van Dyke beard – essentially,

How to Grow a Beard

If you’re wondering how to grow a beard, there’s no one answer for everyone. However, following some basic tips can help you get started on the right path.

1. Start with a clean face. If your beard is full of dirt, oils, and other debris, it will be difficult to grow. Make sure to clean your face thoroughly before starting any beard-growing activities.

2. Choose the right beard oil or balm. There are many different types of beard oils and balms on the market, so it can be tough to find the right product for you. Some oils are designed specifically for growing beards while others can be used on any type of hair. Experiment until you find what works best for you!

3. Get plenty of sleep. It’s important to get adequate rest if you want your beard to grow long and healthy. Lack of sleep can lead to dry skin and brittle hair, both of which will make growing a beard much more difficult.

4. Exercise regularly . Being physically active will help promote growth in all areas of your life – including your beard! Regular workouts will make your facial muscles stronger, which in turn will help guide facial hair growth in the desired direction

The Different Types of Mustaches

There are different types of mustaches, so it’s important to know what kind you want before you start growing one. The three most common types are the classic, V-shaped, and muttonchop.

The classic mustache is the most common type and looks like a pencil on top of your lip. V-shaped mustaches curve inwards at the middle and point upwards. Muttonchops are shaped like a sheep’s beard and have long sides that go down to the chin.

The 5 Best Beards Without Mustache [Top Picks]

If you’re looking for a beard that is clean-cut and sophisticated, without the mustaches often associated with facial hair, you’ll want to check out some of these five best beards without mustache styles.

The 5 Best Beards Without Mustache Styles:
1. The Crew Cut: This beard style is versatile and can look formal or more casual. It’s a great option if you’re not sure whether you want a mustache or not.
2. The Fine Pointed Beard: This beard style is perfect for those who want something more refined and sophisticated. You can achieve it by shaving around the sides and top of your face, leaving a long beard in the middle.
3. The Full Beard: A full beard is masculinity embodied and looks great on most faces. To get this style, start by shaving all the hair off your face except for a 1-inch patch in the middle of your forehead (or chin if you prefer). Then, grow that 1 inch patch into a full beard!
4. The Stubble Beard: Thisbeardstylemakesthemustacheoptionalandlooksmidly groomedwithout giving up any of the manliness that makes a beard so popular in the first place! To get this style, simply shave every other day or so and leave some stubble on your cheeks (you can also use an electric shaver for this).
5. The Balboas Beard: Named after Balboa Dam in Nicaragua where bearded


Beards are back in style, and for good reason. They add character and substance to any man’s appearance, making him look more polished and put together. Whether you have a full beard or just a trimmed patch, there is sure to be a beard style that will compliment your features. In this article, we have compiled 70 of the best beard styles without mustache into one convenient place so that you can find what suits you best. So go ahead and let your beard grow!

Do beards look good without mustaches?

There are a number of handsome beard styles that don’t require mustaches. Some men go for a clean-shaven look, while others go for a more textured or rugged style. A few examples include the following:

The Sideburn Beard: This beard style starts by shaving the sideburns and then taking a level 1 razor and shaving the remaining beard down to an even stubble. You can then maintain this style by waxing every two weeks.

The Pompadour Beard: This is another type of beard that doesn’t require mustaches. To get started, you will need to begin by trimming your hair short on the sides and back. Next, take a level 3 or 4 razor and shave down the front of your beard to create a pompadour hairstyle. You can then maintain this style with regular trims and waxing.

The Goatee Beard: To get started, you will need to start by removing all of your facial hair except for a small patch on the chin below your lip (known as the ‘goatee baseline’). Take a level 1 or 2 razor and begin shaving it off, leaving a slightly fuller beard behind. You can then maintain this style with regular trims and waxing.

What style is a beard with no mustache?

There are a lot of different styles that can be achieved with a beard without a mustache. You can go for something clean-shaven, full, or even goatee styled. Here are four of the most popular styles:

The Full Beard
If you’re looking for a powerful style, go for a full beard. This type of beard is thick and requires some maintenance, but it’s well worth it because it looks amazing. You can either go for a traditional full beard or experiment with some new styles, like the mohawk or scruffy beard.

The Clean-Shaven Beard
If you’re not quite ready to take on a full beard, you can try going clean-shaven instead. This style is lower maintenance than a full beard and looks great regardless of age or gender. Just make sure to keep your face clean and moisturized so that your skin doesn’t dry out as easily.

The Goatee Beard
Another option is the goatee beard. This style is more subtle than the full beard and requires less upkeep, making it ideal for those who are busy lifestyles. You can either go for an almost symmetrical look or experiment with different styles to find one that suits you best.

The Mustache Beard
Finally, we have the mustache beard. This style is by far the most popular among men right now and offers tons of variations (from neatly trimmed to bushy). If you’re not sure if this

Which beard looks most attractive?

There’s no correct answer when it comes to the best beard style, as everyone is different and what one person finds handsome may not be appealing to another. However, some of the most popular beard styles without mustaches include the goatee, handlebar mustache, full beard, and Van Dyke. Each has its own unique appeal and can make you look more sophisticated and manly. If you’re undecided about what type of beard to wear, these are some of the best options to start with.

The goatee is a classiclook that can work well for both men and women. It gives you a softer appearance than a full beard or mustache and is relatively easy to maintain. To create a goatee, start by cutting off all your hair above your upper lip except for a 1-2″ strip on either side of your face. Then, use a razor or an electric clippers to shave down the middle of your strip until it’s thin enough to cover your entire mouth. Finally, trim around the edges so they’re neatly trimmed.

The handlebar mustache is another popular option that can be worn by both men and women. To create this style, first grow a full mustache (or any other type of facial hair). Then, use tweezers or pliers to curl the mustache up towards the ends like handles on either side of your mouth. You can also add extra detail by darkening or painting the tips of the handles

Are beards out of style 2022?

If you’ve been wondering whether or not beards are really out of style, the answer may surprise you. While there’s no clear consensus on whether or not facial hair is in or out of style, there are still plenty of stylish beard styles that can work for anyone. Here are five top picks for beard styles without a mustache:

1. Stubble
This is the perfect beard style if you want something easy to maintain and versatile. You can go with a short stubble or even leave it fully grown if you have thicker hair.
2. Clean-shaven look
This is the classic beard look, and it works well for any face shape or age group. Just make sure that your beard is neatly trimmed so that it doesn’t look too bushy or unkempt.
3. Go full-on lumberjack
For those who love nature and all things outdoorsy, growing a big lumberjack beard is the perfect option! It’s dramatic and striking, but still easy to style and care for – just make sure to keep it groomed regularly to avoid looking greasy or unkempt.
4. The Muttonchop
This popular beard style features a long, bushy mustache surrounding a clean-shaven chin – great if you have facial symmetry and want to create an eye-catching contrast between your face features.
5. The Balbo Beard
Inspired by Hollywood movie

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