What percentage of college students graduate with honors?

Honors or Latin honors are degrees or criteria for awarding a high level of educational achievement. The term “honors” means praise when translated. Graduating with honors means graduating with a bit extra with the diploma. Graduating with honors is a great and huge accomplishment. Honors are like that extra cherry or icing on the cake. … Read more

When making college visits, you may be able to…

College admissions can be intimidating as students can feel overwhelmed as to which college to choose and how would be the campus. As young minds face a tremendous change while upgrading from school level to a college level. Suddenly students are considered more mature and they need to be independent in order to make life … Read more

What number of college students are nondrinkers?

Alcohol consumption among college students has been a very major and common factor for increasing rates of college dropouts and falling academic performances of the students. Excessive alcohol consumption by college students may lead to many dangers like : College dropout rates and low academic performace is one the major reasons for alcohol consumption by … Read more

How many quarters are there in a college basketball game?

To define college Basketball; one can say college basketball is played between teams from different colleges and universities. The first of its recorded games in history was around the 1890s in the United States, which was played to keep a check of athletic students’ health without getting hurt, soon turning the most popular sport among … Read more

How many innings are there in a college baseball game?

To understand college baseball games in a more descriptive and definite manner, one can say; college baseball game is a game of ball played between two collegiate teams at an intercollegiate level at institutions of higher education. This game is primarily played in the United States of America. Each team consists of nine players. College … Read more

At what age do you graduate college?

When it comes to graduating college, there is no such age that is considered “normal” or “proper” to graduate. Students can take their own time in studying thoroughly and then complete graduation with a sufficient amount of knowledge, which can help students to survive in the competitive world. Students seem to enjoy the learning process … Read more

How many years of college does it take to be a vet?

A veterinarian doctor is a doctor who is qualified to treat diseased or injured animals. They are the doctors of the animal kingdom. For all the animal lovers, who also enjoy studying science (biology), a career might be the perfect fit for becoming a veterinarian doctor. Veterinarian doctors have doctorates in veterinary medicine, and their … Read more