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Verbs play an important role in a sentence. This article is all about Random Verb Generator, where you can find it, which one is the best generator but first let’s understand what is a verb and its kind. ‘Verb is the action word. It shows action’ – this is what we have learned while growing up. You ask a school student, what is a verb, you’ll get the same answer from eighty percent of the student the rest twenty percent might be the student who never paid attention while their teacher taught them grammar 😉

So, when you grow up, explore more, study more carefully- you realize that there is so much behind the word ‘verb’ and that it’s not just the action word but so much more. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary define verb as – “a word that characteristically is the grammatical center of a predicate and expresses an act, occurrence, or mode of being, that in various languages is inflected for agreement with the subject, for tense, for voice, for mood, or for aspect, and that typically has rather full descriptive meaning and characterizing quality but is sometimes nearly devoid of these especially when used as an auxiliary or linking verb.”

In simple words, a verb not only shows action but also shows a state of being or an event. For example, Ronny eats an apple every day or Vessa is a beautiful girl – here ‘eat’ is a verb that shows the action, and in the other sentence the verb is ‘is’ which shows a state of being. There are a lot of examples that one can give to explain a verb because the verb is one of the important parts of speech and is used almost in every sentence. There are many types of verbs. Some are listed below with examples for a fast and better understanding. If you love finding weird words then try this amazing Weird Word Generator for random words every time.

  • Regular verbs. Examples: dance, brush, bake, clap, breathe, etc
  • Irregular verbs. Examples: quit, read, seek, catch, build, etc
  • Finite Verbs. Examples: travels, love, wakes, lives, etc
  • Infinite Verbs. Example: to know, to go, to play, etc
  • Modal verbs. Example: must need, should have, might have, etc
  • linking verbs. Example: is, was, be, are, were, etc
  • Transitive Verbs. Example: push, cuddle, hold, hug, etc
  • Intransitive verbs. Example: act, march, crawl, escape, etc
  • Stative Verbs. Example: agree, doubt, appreciate, amaze, etc
  • Auxilary/Helping Verbs. Example: be able to, been, do, shall, will, etc

Verbs are needed almost in every sentence therefore you may need the random verb generator app for a lot of writing purposes. It can be your school project or assignment, you can use it while doing your homework. You can also use it for your when you are editing drafts of your clients or if you are editing your own story and you need verbs to improve the sentences. A random verb generator is there to help you when you need a long list of verbs for whatever purpose, it can also come to be a great help when you are teaching about verb and you need examples for explanation and then giving students homework.

What is a Random Verb Generator?

Basically, a random verb generator is a tool developed by a website that lets you generate a certain amount of random verbs generated by you so that you can use it as per your requirements. All you need to do is click on few buttons and generate verbs randomly, as many as you want. But there a few sites that provide you more advantages for using their random verb generator than the other websites.

One of the best sites that provides you with the tool Random verb generator is called the Wordigram

Why Wordigram provides one of the Random Verb Generator?

The Website has a lot of different tools that are specially designed to help students and those who are looking for generating random verbs, nouns, movies, questions and so much more. You can use it for study purposes and for some fun purposes too! because the site has some fun random generators that one can use at parties or just playing with friends and family, they are like- coin flip, dice roll, truth or dare questions, etc. It can also turn out to be a writer’s best friend too! The website- Wordigram understands the user’s need and hence it develops its tools with a lot of thoughts about the user’s safety and requirements.

Listed below are the advantages of using Random Verb Generator developed by Wordigram.

  • There are no bad/inappropriate words included so you don’t have to worry about it. You can freely use and you can recommend it you anyone, be it a friend, cousin, coworker, without any hesitation.
  • You can generate random verbs or you can custom generate the verbs. To do the customized search you just have to click on the custom generator then select the number of verbs you need and after that select the first and the last later, word size and click on generate verb button.
  • There is no limitation for generating verbs. You can generate 60 random verbs at a time which seems more than enough.
  • You can directly copy the generated verbs from the site and paste them into your project/assignment or homework. If you want you can copy and paste the whole list or you can copy the ones you need to use in your writing.
  • It also has a dark mode that you can use if your eyes hurt with the screen’s white light or if you are working late at night.
  • It is absolutely free of cost. You can use it as much as you want, for free. all it requires is an internet connection.

These are the benefits that the wordigram provides to you. It is safe to use be it your project work or assignment of your school/college. Anyone can use the wordigram’s random verb generator. Wordigram is a website to explore because it has a lot of tools developed that can become a great help. So in case, you land on the website make sure to check out other tools as well!

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