What College Majors Need Calculus?

Calculus is applicable in a large number of fields. Almost every science and art subject at some point teach calculus as part of the syllabus. Depending on the subject, some students may not need to dive into the deep details of the topic. 

Many students who like to avoid math most of the time are caught unawares and are left with no option but to sit in a calculus class and learn. To prepare you so that the topic doesn’t get you by surprise in an electronics engineering class, here are the majors that need calculus.


Various bodies such as planets, moons, comets, and asteroids orbit in space. Man-made objects like rockets and satellites orbit space too. Rockets are sent to land on various planets to help scientists study their formation. Scientists calculate the speed of planets and other moving bodies to understand the time they take to orbit around the sun. When they need to send a spaceship to land into one of them, calculus will help them know the speed it must travel and the energy required. 

The thrusters control the thrusting speed of a rocket and its direction. To become skilled astronomers, students studying astronomy as a major need calculus as part of the syllabus. 

Calculus is a math topic that is applicable in almost every subject taught in college. Like any other math topic, you might be experiencing challenges to grab the calculus concept or work out the problems. You don’t have to worry because this is a problem experienced by many students in universities. What you require to study calculus more effectively is math help and guidance with calculus assignments from a professional. The website to visit is calculus 1 help on PlainMath, where you can get a solution to every math problem. By getting math help, you will also get a chance to learn new tricks and master complex concepts. 

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering deals with the study of machines and their operations. Machines have gears, pulleys, rollers, belts, and wheels. To operate, a machine is set to move or rotate at a certain speed. Gears are made of different sizes and rotate in different directions, yet they control the same machine. 

Engineers are required to use their imagination to know the direction a machine or gears will move, plus its action and reaction forces. Calculus will help them bring ideas into reality to ensure machines work efficiently. Without calculus, it would be impossible for mechanical engineering concepts to work. 

Animal sciences

Animal science is classified as a STEM subject. Animal scientists are involved in animal research and may touch on the area of human research. They research animal health, diseases, nutrition, and treatment. Calculus helps them calculate the right doses of medicine according to animal weight, type, and age. 


Calculus is used in economics to calculate complex data. Economists calculate marginal costs to determine the marginal revenue. They use calculus to study economic changes in societies, nations, and the world. Students must learn calculus in college to become effective economists in the career world. 

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineers study electricity, including its production, distribution, and related devices. Electricity moves from one point to the next when the connections are right. Electrical gadgets function due to the right power connection. 

When calculating the movement and direction of electrical charge, calculus becomes important. It helps them calculate the amount of power required to run a machine, storage, and circulation. 


Every kind of calculation requires math knowledge, no matter how simple or complex it can be. In math, students learn about movement, distance, speed, change, etc. Calculus is important when solving math problems that deal with quantity or change. It is also a critical topic when working with equations.


Statistics is very important in the running of businesses. Countries use statistics to predict population growth, the spread of diseases, accidents, deaths, or birth rate. The subject is applied in every sphere of life or business. 

Studying statistics helps students learn better methods of data collection, analysis, results presentation. It helps people make decisions, predictions, and discoveries. Some statistical data need complex calculations and analysis to arrive at the best conclusions. At this level, calculus becomes important, and that is why it is taught to students who major in statistics. 

Computer science

Computer science focuses on the principles of computers and their use. Some of the major fields of computer science are artificial intelligence, data analytics, networking and communication, and computational science.

Fields such as graphics and visual computing need massive use of complex calculations. It is necessary to determine how different objects can connect when creating visuals. Calculus is needed in every field of computer science.


Calculus is a topic that focuses on the study of change, movement, and direction. It has helped scientists make major discoveries and economists predict major trends in the economies. Every subject that requires calculations to determine direction, speed, or weight requires some level of calculus. Students majoring in economics, astronomy, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. require to study calculus. It helps students to become more effective in their careers. 

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