What does TR mean in college

The term TR has two interpretations while taking it into the contextual meaning about it in the college. The first meaning is the Transcript Records which are shown on the credit column of the TR which is required while transferring from one school to another school or college, and the second meaning is that the class is conducted every Tuesday and Thursday if the college or University schedule shows TR. First, let us discuss the TR in the context of Transcript Records.

Usually one can find the word TR on the program transcript for college, on the credit column. The TR grade allows colleges to input transfer summary records that can appear on the transcript and it affects the GPA (Grade Point Average). GPA or Grade Point Average is a number that indicates how well and how high did a student scored on an average in the chosen courses. This is meant for scoring during the studies and also helps in checking out the overall grades. Usually, the GPA is measured on a scale between 1.0 and 4.0, which is used to assess a student’s study standards and expectations which are set by the degree program or the University.

TR grade is an abbreviation for transfer. For transfer credits, a student doesn’t get a grade, the student only gets the credits. TR grades are only supposed to be used when entering a Summary record where the GPA needs to be physically set by the institute, or in such cases when the student is transferring from a quarter system college to a term system college; where the Grade Point Average’s follow a GPA Hours formula and not the normal GPA grading points.

Transcript Records or TR means the records from the school from which a student has graduated or attended classes and has earned units of subjects that the student had chosen for the previous semester. Transcript Records are the records that show that a student has completed the previous academic year with all the academic requirements.

When no grade appears in the TR or the transcript records for any reason, that means that the student has not been able to fulfill the minimum requirements for that particular subject or lacks somewhere in the academic requirements, thus the student needs to pay attention to it and get it verified with the registrar’s office.

When INC that is incomplete, or drop or failed appears on the transcript records for any particular subject, that cannot be erased from the transcript records. It is because the instructor for that particular subject has already submitted the final grades to the registrar’s office, and thus these transcript records cannot be changed once finally submitted. To change the transcript records one has to reappear for the exams of that particular subject, or have a discussion with the instructor regarding the issue, if the issues seem genuine then a way can be discovered to change the records on the transcripts or new transcript records can be generated after the registrar office’s approval.

While changing school or getting transferred from one school to another, transcript records or TR is a very essential document that is a must. Transcript records are supposed to be submitted upon enrollment to a new college or school, because it decides the basic academic qualification of a student, whether the student is eligible to enroll for a particular desired course, or how many units a student still needs to acquire to enroll or finish a particular desired course in a college or a University.

To get more details about the enrolment process and required TR specifications for a school or college that one is transferring to, a student can always talk to the registrar office’s office or any authority which is assigned for the same in the college or University. Transfer Records are also required for the courses completed at another academic institution after enrolling at the particular University.

TR also has one more interpretation while talking about it in the college. The first meaning is the Transcript Records, now let us discuss the second meaning of TR in college.

When TR appears on the schedule list of a college class then that means that the class meets or classes for a particular subject are conducted on Tuesday and Thursday every week.

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