What is Rushing in college?

Rushing is the period where the students enter the college as freshmen (both girls and guys) and check out fraternities and sororities. Rushing is a way for the students to meet leaders and other members of the sorority or fraternity that the students want to join. Rushing events are large meet and greet affairs that allow students to choose the extracurricular activities or unions or sorority or fraternities and get to know more about Greek life.

Colleges and Universities have a wide range of extracurricular activities in which students can engage outside the classroom. Many students live on campus and spend the rest of the time of day leisurely or lazily around sleeping. These rush activities or Greek life are aimed at developing a sense of social community and gatherings.

Many students are aware of the term Greek life and are fascinated by it, but without understanding its true meaning. In simple words, a community of students broken down into fraternities and sororities for men and women that are value-based organizations especially designed for undergrads and are mainly associated with colleges and Universities. Greek life word in simple terms means a term associated with exclusive social organizations or societies that are for young men and women for their social growth during the undergrad stage. Some fraternities and sororities are also associated with different campuses and universities. Fraternities and sororities are specialized and expertized organizations that are designed to help undergrad students to succeed academically as well as socially.

Usually, it happens that the toppers lack social skills, the students who barely manage studies are very good with social activities, or some students are good at both but they are introverts or are scared to open up and socialize due to their mental insecurities which are virtual scenarios developed by them on judgments and observations. Few students desire to socialize but lack certain skills, or are unable to understand certain areas of socializing. Rush hour or Rush week is that solution for such students to help them in studying better, socializing and managing studies at the same time, getting rid of insecurities and doubts, and being communicable and approachable through communities and organizations which help them in rushing.

During rush, fraternities and sororities perform in a bit different manner. Though the ultimate goal for both of them is to involve and promote students towards Greek life. To understand these differences in a better way hereunder a few key points of comparison and knowing the basic differences about them ;

Fraternities in rushSororities in rush
Fraternities typically have informal events during rush. Sororities usually are more formal and have formal events during rush.
Fraternities host and promote parties to which all the interested students are invited and thus learn more about the host fraternities.
While in the case of sororities, the interested students sign up and then meet every sorority on campus for brief receptions.
After meeting and greeting, fraternities give “bids” (invitations to join fraternity) to the interested students. After meeting and greeting, there is a match period between sororities and prospects who aim to join a sorority, where both the prospect and the sororities narrow down their choice.
After providing the bids the fraternities allow the pledges or the prospects to choose and accept the bid if interested in becoming a full-time member or just refuse the bid if the case is opposite. While in the case of sororities, after the matching period the students and sororities mutually can pledge and accept the offer, after the rush events.

Things to know and do during a rush :

A rush event is almost similar to a party, a mixer, or any typical social gathering event. These rush events are usually fun, but a student should get involved and know more about different fraternities and sororities to get familiar with them which in turn helps in choosing and making a wiser decision. A student can ask questions like :

  • The history, development, and all the positives about the fraternity or a sorority.
  • The social events and gatherings that are going to be helpful to the student.
  • Routine life or chores of the involved students in the fraternity or a sorority.
  • Interests and activities carried on by the involved students in the fraternity or a sorority.
  • Annual costs, facilities and services for the members.
  • Benefits for the students who join the fraternity or a sorority.
  • Key feature or a unique ideology about the fraternity or a sorority.

Usually, rush weeks are safer zones for the students to try out different fraternities or sororities. Greek letter organizations usually have certain reputations which are stereotypical, but one should not judge or make any commitments just based on those typical points of view. Rush week is a tremendous opportunity for the students to explore and most importantly to make their own decisions based on the interactions.

Misconceptions about rushing :

  • Rushing means ignoring studies and academics.
  • Rushing means non stop partying and just enjoying life partying.
  • Rushing is influential and drags almost everyone.

Pros and cons of Rushing :


  • Lifelong and valuable friendship and bonds.

Rush provides a team or a network of the current or the past members who can help somewhere and somehow when required.

  • Provides leadership oppurtnities.

Many posts like President, Vice president, Treasurer, and many more positions are provided in order to learn bout leadership.

  • Provides futuristic skills.

One can learn different skills from fellow members.

  • Philanthropic events.

Many year-round events are organized for the students to participate and host thus making social interactions much more interesting.


  • Requires time commitments.
  • Certain expenses are mandatory.
  • Negative or stereotypical reputations.

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